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Flight Stories

Our senior veterans served in a variety of ways, and each has a unique story to tell. We've listed several here.

September 28, 2023 - Mission #125 - The roster includes veterans who

were awarded the Bronze Star (1 veteran)

- was a Pipefitter and Welder
- were
Disbursement Accounting Specialists (Air Force, 2 veterans)
- served as a Medic
- served on USS Samuel Gompers AD-37
- was a Field Radio Operator
- served as Quartermaster Supply Officer
- was a Parachute Rigger
- served as a Generator Mechanic
- was a Dental Specialist
- served as a Radio Communications Analysis Tech
- was an Aviation Mechanic
- was a Torpedoman
s Mate
- served as Surface Ship Nuclear Propulsion Plant Operator
- was a Cook
- served with the Military Police
- was a Missile Crewman
- served on USS Stonewall Jackson SSBN-634
- was a Machinist Mate
- served in Intelligence Communications
- was an Armor Recon Specialist

September 7, 2023 - Mission #124 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (2 veterans) and Bronze Star (2 veterans)

- was a Radio Operator
- built bridges
- served as a Helicopter Crew Chief
- was a Heavy Truck Driver
- served on a Tank Crew and was Battalion Chief Clerk
- was a Clerk with Top Secret NATO clearance
- served as a Bridge Crewman
- was an Engineer
- served as Senior Tech, Instructor at hospital
- served as a Communication Specialist
- was an Air Traffic Controller
- served as Housing and BOQ Officer
- was a Data Analysis Specialist
- was an Aviation Machinists Mate
- served with the Seabees
- was a Weather Observer
- served as a Aptitude Test Administrator

June 15, 2023 - Mission #123 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (3 veterans), Silver Star (1 veteran), and Bronze Star (5 veterans)

- was a Chaplain Assistant
- served as Plane Captain
- was a Military Dog Handler
- served with the Military Police (3 veterans)
- was a Combat Medic
- served as a Pharmacy Technician
- was a Quartermaster Supply Officer
- was an Armor Crewman
- served with Security
- was an Engineer
- served with Army Presidential Honor Guard
- was Transportation Company Commander, Logistics Readiness Squadron Commander
- served in the Special Forces
- was an Engine Mechanic
- was a Comm Center Specialist
- was a Navy Aviation Fire Control Tech
- was an Air Operations Specialist
- was an Aircraft Propulsion Mechanic Supervisor

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