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Flight Stories

Our senior veterans served in a variety of ways, and each has a unique story to tell. We've listed several here.

November 10, 2022 - Mission #119 - The roster includes veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (3 veterans) and Bronze Star (2 veterans)

- was a Jet Engine Mechanic
- served on the USS Fort Snelling LSD-30
- worked with launch and recovery equipment; worked flight deck during the evacuation of Vietnam
- served with the Army Security Agency
- was a Naval Aviator
- was a Pershing Missile Section Chief, Field Artillery Unit
- served as a Security Specialist
- was a Navy Radioman
- was a Medical Corpsman
- served with a Radio Research Communications unit Vietnam
- was a Driver, Armored Personnel Carrier
- served as a Construction Electrician
- was a cargo handler in Thailand
- served with the Project Mercury Recovery Team
- was a Munitions Specialist
- was an Aircraft Pneudraulic Repairman with the Air Force

November 3, 2022 - Mission #118 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (2 veterans) and Bronze Star (1 veteran)

- was an Air Traffic Controller, Operation Frequent Wind Evacuation Saigon
- served with Co. B. 3rd ID, Honor Guard
- served during the Cuban Crisis. USS William V. Pratt DLG-13
- was a Combat Engineer
- served with Air Anti-Submarine Squadron 24
- was a Ballistic Missile Specialist, 92nd Bomb Wing
- served on USS Sampson DDG-10
- was an Aircraft Electrical Systems Tech, CH-46 and CH-53 intermediate helicopter repair
- served in the Med and Vietnam on USS Blandy DD-943
- was a Veterinary Officer providing care for sentry dogs
- served as a Radio Operator on USS Dyess DD-880
- was a Physician
- served on USS Enterprise, was a Financial Controller
- ran processing center, Cam Ranh
- loaded fuel and ammo on planes (AF)
- served on USS Coral Sea CV-43
- was Crew Chief and flight mechanic
- served as a Helicopter Mechanic (Navy)
- served with the Military Police
- was a Vulcan Crewman with the 82nd Airborne


October 6, 2022 - Mission #117 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (1 veteran) and Bronze Star (4 veterans)

- was a SeeBee
- served as an Aircraft Turbine Engine Mechanic
- was a Construction Engineer and Firefighter
- served on the USS Charles P Cecil DD-835
- was a USATCA Post Office Mail Clerk
- was a Supply Specialist
- was a Data Analysis Specialist
- served on the USS Randolph
- was an Intel Photo Radar Officer
- served with the 3rd Infantry - The Old Guard Salute Battery
- was a Counterintelligence Tech
- served with WestPAC Forward Deployment in Yokiso, Japan
- were pilots (2 veterans - Army and Navy)
- served with the 101st Airborne Division 3/187th "Iron Rakkasans"
- was a Missile Systems Analyst
- served with Air Police, Presidential Honor Guard; also served during Tet Offensive
- was an Aircraft Mechanic
- served on the USS Mount Whitney LCC-20
- was a Radio/Teletype Operator

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