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Flight Stories

Our senior veterans served in a variety of ways, and each has a unique story to tell. We've listed several here.

November 9, 2023 - Mission #128 - The roster included veterans who

- served with the Security Police
- served with a Pershing Missile Battery
- was a Radio Relay Specialist
- was a Pharmacy Specialist (2 veterans)
- served in a Dental/Medic capacity
- was an Armor Crewman
- was a Cryptographer
- served as a Cannoneer
- was a Pilot - Tactical Fighter
- was a Supply Logistics Officer
- was a Boilerman Draftsman
- was a Computer Systems Analyst
- was a Dozer Scraper Operator
- served as a Heavy Equipment Mechanic
- was a Cavalry Scout
- was a Helicopter Mechanic
- served with a Military Band
- maintained navigation and communication equipment on A4 and F4 aircraft

November 2, 2023 - Mission #127 - The roster includes veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (2 veterans)

- were awarded the Purple Heart (2 veterans)
- were Rifleman (4 veterans)
- served in an AF Fire Department
- was a Card Punch Operator
- was a Parts Clerk in the South Pacific
- served on the USS Smalley (DD-565) and USS Abbot (DD-629)
- was a Metals Process Specialist
- was a Boatswain Mate
- was an Armor Recon Specialist
- was a Hercules Missile Crewman
- was a Radio Teletype Operator
- served on the USS Thor
- was an Anesthesiologist
- was a Combat Engineer
- was a Helicopter Crew Chief
- served in the Panama Canal Zone
- was a Medic
- was a General Vehicle Maintenance Specialist
- was a Helicopter Pilot (USAF)
- served with the 1st Engineer Battalion (USMC)
- was an Aircraft Repairman

October 19, 2023 - Mission #126 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (4 veterans)

- was a Heavy Equipment Operator
- was a Unit Commander and Staff Officer
- served as a Carpentry Specialist
- was an Ambulance Driver
- served in Engine Room / HVAC
- was an Air Operations Officer
- served with the Military Police or Air Police (4 veterans)
- was a Helicopter Repairman
- served with Light Weapons Infantry (2 veterans)
- was an Optometrist (2 veterans)
- served with the SeaBees
- was a Missile Mechanic
- was an Aircraft Quality Control Supervisor
- was a Protective Coating Specialist
- specialized in Topographic Survey
- was a Master Instructor, Munitions
- served with the Army Security Agency
- was an Aircraft Pneudraulic Systems Tech
- was a Sheet Metal Worker
- was a Combat Medic

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