Flight Stories

Our senior veterans served in a variety of ways, and each has a unique story to tell. We've listed several here.

August 19 - Mission #103 - The roster includes veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (4 veterans)

- was a Boatswains Mate on USS Independence

- performed parachute pack loads

- was Artillery Forward observer, 12th Marines 3rd Marine Division

- served as Support person at II Corp Headquarters Team 21 in Vietnam

- was a Nuclear Weapons Fusing Specialist; maintained weapons, loaded Uranium ball, set critical target info, tested weapons components

​- served on flight deck on USS Ranger and USS Midway as a white final checker at catapult

- was Watch Officer supervising sonar tech

- served as a Medical Specialist, 7th Evacuation Hospital, 97th General Hospital

- was a Fire Control tech, Polaris Missile Submarine

- served on USS New Jersey (BB-62)

- was a Topographical Surveyor

- provided dental care to active military and their dependents

​- was an Army aircraft mechanic; also part of the United Nations troop delivering airplanes to the Belgian Congo

- served on Seabee STAT team

- served with the Military Police Corps, riot control duty and other

- trained Navy Pilots

- was a 50 Caliber machine gunner, 25th Infantry Division-4th Battalion-23 Infantry

- worked with Tropospheric Scatter Communications

- provided logistics support to navy/Marine personnel; fueled & armed CH-46 helicopters

- provided close air support for river patrol force / Search And Rescue

November 9, 2019 - Mission #102 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart and Silver Star

- was aboard the USS Forrestal when the explosion occurred; lost his cabin mates and was injured

- served as Helicopter Mechanic and window gunner

- was Crew Chief for F-105

- served on nuclear tests, Operation Dominic; USS Princeton

- was a Paratrooper, 82nd Airborne Div.

​- served on USS Garrett County LST-786; engineering, damage control, firefighting, gunship arming and fueling

- was Aircraft Commander of KC-135, performing refueling of fighters and bombers in Vietnam, supplies and medical transport throughout W Pacific

- served in Vietnam, Rough Riders, combat guard

- was a Data Systems Tech, USS Oriskany CVA-34

- served as a Military Intel Analyst

- was a tank crewman

- served with Artillery Ballistic Meteorology

​- was a Fire Control Tech for F-4B Phantom jets; USS Ranger, USS Enterprise; Gulf of Tonkin

- worked with Electronic Communications Cryptographic Systems; replaced top secret crypto equipment and transmitted top secret information when necessary

- served with the Military Police

- was a Radio Intercept Analyst Specialist

- was a Hull Technician​​

October 19, 2019 - Mission #100 - The roster included veterans who

- were awarded the Purple Heart (9 veterans)

- served as a Navy Corpsman attached to US Marine Corps

- was Crew Chief on a CH-47 Chinook helicopter

- served in Vietnam and Ft. Carson as Ballistic Meteorologist

- was F-4 flightline fighter mechanic

- served as Atomic Weapons Maintenance Specialist

- was a Surveyor in an Engineering Battalion

​- served on USS Newport News as Electronics Tech

- was a Gunner in 105 mm Howitzer

- served as Pershing Nuclear Missile crewman

​- was a Platoon Sergeant of a rifle platoon

​- trained recruits at Ft. Hood, flew observation along the Czech border

​- handled Top Secret communications for Seal Team

​- was a jet aircraft mechanic with Strategic Air Command

- kept records at ammo dump in Louisiana

- was Plane Captain with Attack Squadron 152 on flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Oriskany

- served DaNang, combat pilot, psychological warfare 9th SOS

- was a B-52 Ground Crew member

- worked with 497th Port Construction; built port facilities along coast at Cam Ranh Bay